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Find your tribe, love them hard. 

Allie Becker and Laura Voss are the sassy, unapologetic spiritual gangsters (and #bossladies) behind StrongHer!

They met several years ago as transplants to Silicon Valley from the Midwest. True soul sisters, they feel blessed to be on fitness, bookworm, self-help, spiritual, and all-around life journeys together and hope to bring light, love, and empowerment to women all over the world. 


Allie is an author, an academic, an amateur artist, and an aspiring adventurer.  She loves a good alliteration, lives for trips to the bookstore and/or library, and holds a special place in her heart for beating up inanimate objects in her boxing class.  Allie has been a proud California girl for over four years, but maintains an unparalleled love for the Midwest, where she was born and raised.  You can find Allie at, at @mrs.alliebecker on Instagram, or on her couch reading self-development books with her calico cat, Audrey.   


Laura is an entrepreneur, glitter addict, and insanely extroverted-introvert (most days…she thinks whilst ignoring phone calls on her couch). Her soul lights up when she gets to help a woman uncover her confidence, when she sips a delightful white wine, gets new sharpies, or has a dance party with her dog. Missouri gal through & through, Laura is a transplant to Silicon Valley, where she deeply believes every day is a gift and adventure, and lives by the wonderful Brene Brown’s quote: “owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.” You can follow her journey at or Instagram @OhMyFitnessCoaching.