Season Three Premiere: Mod Podge Hodge Podge!

Get a glimpse into the girls’ dreams and desires in the Season Three premiere* of StrongHer!  In today’s episode, the girls are working hard on creating vision boards. Go grab your best scissors, some magazines, and a vat of Mod Podge, and work along with Laura and Allie as they catch up on life. Buckle up for some talk about babies; breastfeeding; and the perils of snorkeling, surfing, and online shopping.  

Make sure to listen through the episode to find out why the #superbloom on instagram has us #supermad, and why the tourism board of Hawaii better not @ us with our suggestions.  

Mentioned in Today’s Episode


GT’s Lavender Love Kombucha

GT’s Pink LADY Basil Kombucha

Kevita Watermelon Rose Probiotic Drink

Kevita Tangerine Probiotic drink


The Road Back to You, Ian Morgan Cron

The Mistborn Series, Brandon Sanderson

Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl

Everyone, Always, Bob Goff

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, Mark Manson


UP4 gummy probiotics

Jarrodophilus Probiotics

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement


*A note about the sound quality of this show:

Season three is starting with a bang (literally)!  Throughout today’s episode, you will get the immersive experience of hearing Allie and Laura cut paper, chew cookies (Allie), and sit next to a grandfather clock, all the while sharing one microphone betwixt them.  Please bear with the sound quality on this episode—next time, in a not-so-interactive episode, we promise to have two mics.

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