Q and A and 500 Slinkies...

Welcome to our first StrongHer question and answer session!

In today’s episode, the girls answer listener questions, including: What does it mean to be mindful? A big shout-out to Ann Marie for sending her question in! Make sure you listen to the end of the pod to hear about the #500Slinkies debacle.

Resources for Mindfulness Practice:


Mindfulness according to the Mayo Clinic

The Chopra Center on Mindfulness


Luke Story’s Podcast with Guest Elian Zach:
Part One
Part Two

Yoga Nidra

Then, as a result of a lack of listener questions, Allie and Laura dive into a very bizarre yet altogether very fun Q&A session of their own.  Questions asked included:

Q: Current Favorite Crystals?
A: Laura: Rose Quartz    

A: Allie: Selenite, Pyrite, Citrine

Crystal and Gemstone Exhibition in San Francisco

Q: What’s one video that always makes you laugh?
A: Allie: James Franco Reunion from SNL   

A: Laura:  Daily Affirmation Video

Q: What’s your best glute exercise?
A: Laura:  Deadlifts, Dirty Dog (weighted)

A: Allie: Bridges (One legged, weighted)

Q: What’s the last gift you gave someone?
A: Allie:  Facial Sprays—Mario Badescu

A: Laura: Flowers

Q: Currently Reading?
A: Laura: You Are a Badass at Making Money, Million Dollar Women, You Can Heal Your Life, Judgment Detox, Shut the Stuff Up

A: Allie: Slouching Towards Bethlehem, South and West, Lullabies, Essential Law of Attraction Book

Q: What is your go-to workout?
A: Allie: UFC Gym—DUT (Daily Ultimate Training) or Popsugar, specifically Raneir Pollard

A: Laura: Scheduled at-home workouts, Fitness Marshall Videos

Q: Favorite Kombucha?
A: Laura: Tangerine Kevita

A: Allie: Suja Kombucha Peach, GT’s Trilogy, Lime Mojita Kevita

Q: If you had to give up one sense, what would it be? If you could only keep one sense, what would it be?
A: Allie: give up-sight, keep one-taste  

A: Laura:  give up-taste, keep one-scent

Q: Shuffle your iTunes, tell the people the artist and the song name that comes up on shuffle.
A: Laura: In My Room, Yellowclaw ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga; Pulsar, Armin Van Buuren; a Frank Sinatra album

A: Allie: Ayo Technology, Fifty Cent ft. Justin Timberlake, Six Foot Seven Foot, Lil’ Wayne ft. Cory Gunz, Lolli Lolli Pop that Body, Three Six Mafia

Q: What are your last five Amazon orders?

A: Laura: You Can Heal Your Life, Face Masks, Jade Roller, Corgi Wine Bottle Stopper, 500 Slinkies

A: Allie: Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder, Endust Electronics wipes, Audirex Water Drop Proof Laptop Tablet Sleeve Handbag, Koolkatkoo Surpise Kitty Coffee Mug, URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser



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