Episode Two: Interview with Powerhouse Business Coach Gail Nott

In this episode, Allie and Laura conduct their inaugural interview with entrepreneurial powerhouse Gail Nott. Gail is an expert in social media, thought leadership, lifestyle coaching, and building strategic partnerships. In today’s episode, Gail joins Laura and Allie at Live Oak Studio to talk about BNI, self-care, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and her upcoming book.

A business owner for over fifteen years, Gail works every day to help women live their dreams. The girls get an intimate portrait of Gail’s life and learn what drives her to optimize the experiences of so many women every day.

Gail talks about the transformative power Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, had on her perception of other ways of being.  Dealing with drastic health issues helped Gail realize that there was another path for her.  Gail used networking and BNI to grow her business, and then eventually become a mentor herself.  The ultimate logical problem-solver, Gail dispenses some invaluable advice, including how we can help advise others when the fear of being wrong hangs over so many of our heads. Gail also walks us through the critical questions to ask ourselves as we work to start and grow a business, including the ever-important, “Is this really the business I want to grow?”  Then, Gail lets us in on her process for a vision reset.  Ladies, this is important!  Gail reminds us to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this in the first place?”  Gail introduces Allie and Laura to tree-bathing, and gives them a new way to frame that alluring word “hustle.”  Gail gives us her tips on rituals, vision-setting, and keeping our work in perspective.  

Make sure you stick around to the end, because Gail talks about the intersection of spirituality and business, and the importance of letting go of outcomes, even though it may be difficult at times.  

Love Gail as much as we do? You can find her at www.gailnott.com

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Images thanks to Scott Stevenson 

Images thanks to Scott Stevenson