Snack-Sized Episode: What is Flow?

In this snack-sized episode, Allie and Laura tackle the question: What is flow?  How can we tell if we are in resistance to something, or if we are surrendering the outcome to the Universe?


Laura gives a great example of how vacations can be forced times of surrender and flow for us, and Allie explains how she’s restructured her thinking around her planner to better support a life of surrender, while still staying on this dimension’s clock-time. Laura reminds us that we can’t control every outcome, which segues into a discussion of staying in the now moment, even when we are planning and time-blocking.

The conversation wraps up, as usual, with some real-talk. We worry about disappointing and letting others down by releasing control and surrendering, but could that be a bit of our own judgment seeping through? The girls wrap up by talking about the importance of meditation in remaining in flow and out of resistance.


Is flow the ultimate nirvana?  How do we stay there? The girls aren’t sure, but they want to talk through it with you.



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