"Home" For The Holidays

In this episode, Laura and Allie jump in with their travel essentials, just in time for the winter holidays.  How can we make a place feel more like home?


The girls discuss the importance of scent in creating a space that feels inviting, and Laura, our resident creature of light, needs brightness to feel home.  A cozy, hygge space is of great importance to both girls--the feeling of being comforted and cocooned in the winter months is paramount.  The girls talk organized travels, and why it is important to make things beautiful to build an efficient travel space.

Laura delivers some expert tips on how to feel good on the airplane with a go bag, breathing exercises, and affirmations. Allie divulges that she takes a full half-day to pack for her trips to ensure she’s got what she needs when she gets where she’s going, and that her daily exercise time during the holidays is a huge part of her wellness routine. The girls round out the episode with a special shout-out to sleep and hydration, and explain the many and varied benefits of keeping up on that water game throughout the day.

Special prize to our listeners who can tell us the minute marker when the ice in our kombucha cooler rudely crashes in the studio. #hearthatice


List of Essentials from this Pod Episode

Mini USB Party Light

Bars: Quest Bars, This Bar Saves Lives



Green Juice

Cloud of Protection

Candles (in-Studio): DW Kind Wine, Glade No. 3

Crystals: Hematite (grounding and calming), Quartz (amplifies other crystals, or can be programmed with an intention), Rose Quartz (receive and give love, open heart chakra)

Intention Cards: The Universe Has Your Back


Laura’s Go Bag

  1. Essential Oils-- Lavender and Stress Away

  2. Silly Putty

  3. Mints

  4. Kleenex

  5. Snacks-Trail Mix (potassium+fiber+protein)


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