Interview on Authenticity (what? how? where?): Kavita Melwani

Authenticity. We LOVE that word. We also have felt a little confused knowing how to feel and flow with it all the time! So, we asked Women's Empowerment Coach, Kavita Melwani, to help teach us all! Kavita has incredibly numerous degrees, certifications, and amazing personal stories on how she has healed and continued fulfilling her purpose.

Join us as we flow through this journey of learning about authenticity, 1.0-10.0s, worrying about the "should's" of life, tools to sharing your heart with those who are called to it, and taking the baby steps every day to embody your most purposeful life. 

Some fun resources we mentioned:

-InsightTimer: Choose how much time and space you have for meditation with this crowd-sourced app. (THIS. IS. AMAZING.)

-Understand Your Dreams, about lucid dreaming, imagery, and inspiration

-Jen Sincero books!

-Keeping a wellness toolbox: Meditation/Affirmation recording (in your own voice), inner child play time tools, daily self-care and in-flow tools, travel tools, and obviously---glitter!!

-Card deck by Doreen Virtue

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